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Transgenerational Trauma: My Personal Journey To The Light

They say time heals all wounds, but what if the wounds are not yours to begin with? Growing up, I always felt like something was off. There were certain fears and anxieties that seemed to be ingrained in me, even though I couldn’t explain where they came from. It wasn’t until I learned about transgenerational trauma that everything started to make sense. The emotional and psychological impact of my ancestors’ traumatic experiences had been passed down to me, and it was affecting my life in ways I couldn’t even begin to understand. In my memoir “Freeing Rapunzel”, I share my personal experience of growing up in West Berlin, Germany during the post-war era and how I freed myself from my parents’ suppression and their trauma.

My book sheds light on the impact of the shadow past of Germany, including two world wars, Nazi Germany, and the Holocaust, traumatic events that had a formative influence on the collective psyche of the German people. This legacy still resonates today and has resulted in the transmission of trauma from generation to generation. What happened to me also happened to my generation, as the affect of the country’s shadow past on the collective can be seen in the rise of the AfD, for example, and the increasing dividedness of our country.

However, the transmission of trauma is not limited to Germany. As I have spent almost two decades in the US, I also see the impact of transgenerational trauma in this country where history led to a split in society. It is important to acknowledge the shadow past and its consequences, and to work towards healing collectively to prevent the repetition of past traumas. This is the only way to move forward and create a better future for ourselves and future generations.

In my own journey of healing, I’ve found professional help, such as therapy and counseling, to be incredibly helpful. Additionally, practices like mindfulness, meditation, and yoga have helped me manage the trauma on my body, emotions and mental state. But perhaps the most impactful tool has been learning about the historical and cultural context of the trauma I’ve experienced. I hope that my writing and memoir will help others to confront their own traumas and begin their own journeys towards healing.

One spiritual teacher who has been particularly influential in my healing journey is Thomas Hübl. His teachings have helped me understand the root causes of trauma and its impact on entire communities and cultures. His emphasis on collective and ancestoral healing as well as building resilience has been instrumental in my own personal growth.

If you’re interested in learning more about my personal story and my insights on transgenerational trauma, you can find “Freeing Rapunzel” at Barnes and Noble or on Google.

Additionally, here are some recommended books on the topic, including works by

Let’s work together to heal from the trauma of the past and create a brighter, more resilient future.